The Full Package

Our Full Package

We offer complete packages from trainers to dog shampoo. A program especially for governments. This program contains everything there is needed to create a strong and professional K9 unit.

What can you include in our full package?

Our package can be assembled by your own vision, an example of some options are down below.

Our  package can includes:    

•    The trainers: the people that will take care of the trainings as well in class as in the field.
•    The dogs: the number of dogs (depends on how many dogs there are needed in the unit).
•    The gear: the training gear needed to train the dogs and handlers(bite sleeves, leashes, decoy, etc.).
•    Food supplies: the right food the dogs, preform in the best way, they will become stronger, faster and perform better when they are fed in the right way.
•    Cosmetics: think about products like shampoo and brushes, to keep the dog clean and well cared for.
•    The complete project: the training from teaching employees in the class till training in the field, training with the dogs in every way needed to create the K9 unit.
•    The transport of the dogs to the location where needed.
•    The insurance and administration of the dogs.

Kind of unit

After the full training is completed you will have a K9 unit trained to be used for a wide range of assignments. This depends on what the dogs are trained for. This is a free choice of the customer. We can train for example a drugs detection unit, or a full unit with dual purpose dogs. Also it is possible to create a multiple purpose unit. This is a unit with dogs for multiple purposes. For example: we can assemble a unit that has dogs for purposes like finding drugs in schools, and also has dogs for purposes like security around government institutions, etc.

Our full package is our most extensive package. It includes all you need to assemble a full K9 unit. If you are interested in assembling a K9 unit for government purposes, contact us.

Our most extensive package

We will start with selecting the right dogs depending on what kind of unit there need to be trained. After the dogs are selected we will start with feeding them properly so will perform better. As soon as they are old enough for training we will start training them, in which way we train them depends on what kind of unit you want. After the dogs have the right behavior and age to be transferred to the location where they are needed we will make all the arrangements. We will make sure the insurance is set up in the right way and we will transfer the dogs to the wished location and from there we will go on with our training. We proceed with the training with the dogs and we will teach their future handlers in class and in real life situations how they need to handle their dogs. We will also take care of the feeding of the dogs, cause when they are fed in the right way they will perform better. Also we make sure all the training equipment is present. Everything from decoy till the cosmetics needed to keep the dogs taken well care of. All the other equipment like muzzles, power-harnesses, collars, leashes, etc. will also be provided by us.  K-9 Security Dogs will be present at this big project from start to end. Everything you need to assemble a K9 unit will be provided by us! With this project also comes the consultation, and if you already have a K9 unit or other dogs you want to add to the K9 unit we will improve them to so the whole unit is on the same skill level. K-9 Security Dogs will even take care of the buying of products that there are needed to take care of the dogs. We will assemble a unit and this we do from a till z, the full package.

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