Special Forces Dog

Special forces dogs

Specially trained dogs that are trained to perform under extreme conditions. That what it is all about if we are talking about dogs that need to run with special forces. Not every dog is made from the wright timber for becoming a special forces dog. These dogs need to be able to keep calm and execute their task, even under extreme conditions like: gunfire, explosive sounds, heavy machine sounds(helicopters, airplanes), etc.


The training of a special forces dog

The training of a special forces dog is a big process. These dogs need to be able to do tasks like: detecting hostiles, explosives, narcotics, weapons, wounded people, etc. And this all needs to be done under extreme conditions. These dogs also need to be made familiar with the vices they need to be transported with sometimes (car, boat, airplane). Also a special forces dogs needs to protect his handler at all time, be able to attack or abort the attack at command and be able to go on recon in buildings or open fields to find out more about the current situation.


Training the dog and the handler

If you are interested in a special forces dog K9 Security Dogs can provide you with one! We will not only provide you with a well-trained Special forces canine, but we also will provide you with an handler course. This is because you need to know how to handle your dog at all times and in this way, you also have some time to practice with him in real life situations and build a band with your dog.


Are you interested in a Special Forces Dog? Or do you want more information about a Special forces dog? Don’t hesitate and contact us! K9 Security Dogs is happy to answer your questions and provide a special forces dog for you!


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