MDD’s – Mine Detection Dogs

K-9 Security Dogs can supply you full trained Mine Detection Dogs.
 The MDD's will have a passive alert and will sit down as soon as the landmine is found.

After an intense training program the mine detection dog can be fully operational at the age of 16-20 months.

The dogs are intensely watched and analysed and on the end selected to become a mine detection dog. The proper ball drives are mandatory because we are using a positive reward system.

The upcoming MDD will be training in various circumstances. The process is carefully analysed and documentated by our K9 Team. The Mine Detection Dogs need to have a long search drive, used to working in different environments and not afraid with loud noises.

The MDD's are used as an additional tool for large demining activities. The United Nations have several programs all over the world in which MDD’s are used for big projects to clear area’s of all kinds of land mines. The goal with Mine Detection Dogs is to make area's and people's home a safer place. In that respect MDD’s can make sure that people can use their properties again.

If you need more information about our mine detection dogs program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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