K9 Shop

K9 Shop

The K9 Shop, the best shop If we’re talking about products for your dog! The K9 shop offers a very wide range of products from mules and power-harnesses to car-cages and dog-trailers! They can provide you with everything you need for your dog. They have products for every breed and every size dog.


Product range

K9 Shop has a wide range of products. They have products for professional dog trainers, but also products for the regular family dog! They can offer you clothing and equipment for professional dog training like: bite sleeves, bite pillows, bite roles, professional leashes, Julius K9 clothing, etc. to products for your own family dog like: power-harnesses, mules, your own name labels, benches, baskets, dog toys, dog treats, leashes, and many more. K9 shop also is an official supplier of Julius K9 products. They can offer you anything if we’re talking about dog products.


Big products

K9 Shop is also specialized in building in dog cages for your car. They will measure up the sizes they need of your car and start wright away. After the build is done they will install it in your car so you can take your four-legged friend everywhere you want without the trouble of dog hairs all over your backseat. They also trade in trailers for the dog! If you like to take your dogs to a contest and you want to take them all but you don’t have the room for it in your car, what do you do? You contact the K9 shop! They can provide you with a great dog trailer so you can take all your dog’s everywhere you want, like they’ve done many time for us. They will select the trailer that you need based on the conditions you pass them trough. They will search for the trailer that matches your description and you will have it in no time for a good price!


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