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 Julius K9

We are proud to say we use the best professional K9 gear in the world. Julius K9 is our brand and it always have been. This brand is the best if it comes to professional dog training. But Julius K9 doesn’t only provide us with the best professional gear in the world, it can provide you with gear for your dog as well!



Julius K9 was founded in 1997. They got the name by the CEO of the company that was named Julius and the K from the word kutya (means dog in the Hungarian language), the meaning of number 9 comes from the founder’s childhood home address: No 9. Kele street, Budapest. And till today Julius K9 is one of the biggest players in the world if we’re talking about canine products! They even won a price for the best power-harness in 2014!



Julius K9 provides many companies with gear for training dogs like: professional training equipment power-harnesses, bites-sleeves, mules, etc. But it can also the best gear for your dog! Julius K9 has the widest range of products, so not only professional dog training equipment, but also: power-harnesses, mules, toys, clothing, leashes, and many more products. You name it they have it!



The power-harness of Julius K9 is a very popular harness. It’s one of the most sold harnesses in the world. This is so because, the harness comes in a number of colors and patterns. De design looks good on every dog and they are from very good quality, so your dog won’t be able to break it in a month or two. We always say you pay for quality but if you want to buy the Julius K9 power-harness for the best price you should check out the K9 shop! They have a very wide range of Julius K9 products in stock! And they also have an option to create your own name label! So you can place in example the name of your dog on the harness!


Professional use

Julius K9 has the best products for professional use. What do we mean with professional use? Julius K9 can offer the best equipment for police and military dogs. Also they have special power-harnesses and a lot of other equipment for this department. There is a wide range of products for the professional trained dog. That is why we use the Julius K9 brand for all our training equipment.

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