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Julius K9

For the best professional dog equipment! They offer the best K9
equipment for your four-legged friend!

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K9 Shop

Interested in buying Julius K9 products? Do you want the best equipment
for your dog? Want the best price for those products?
Come visit us at our webshop!

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Family Protection Dog

We can offer a professional trained dog that can keep you and you family safe!
We will select and train the perfect family protection dog for you, that can
associate well with (young) children and will keep you and you family protected.

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Drug Detection Dogs

K-9 Security Dogs can provide narcotic dogs that can
Detect drugs from schools to crowded airports.
These dogs are professionally trained by us for you!

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Green Dogs

We can offer amazing "green" dogs, ready for training with great potential
To become an amazing police canine. We select young great dogs with a
lot of spirit to be trained to their full potential.

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Special Forces Dogs

We can train & offer Special forces dogs that are able to:
search for suspects, explosives, weapons, wounded, etc.
Also we can train you to handle your speical forces dog in the right way.

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MDD's - Mine Detection Dogs

K-9 Security Dogs can supply you full trained Mine Detection Dogs.
The MDD's will have a passive alert and will sit down as soon as the
landmine is found.

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EDD's - Explosive Detection Dogs

K9 explosive device detection in open fields up to 500 meters unleash with
communication device and camera-Canines that remotely open roads for their
handler and the marking of the device both on the ground or elevated.

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VIP Security

K9 Security Dogs offers a premium VIP security for those
who need it. Are you a VIP and do you want to upgrade
your security with a canine?

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The Full Package

K9 Security Dogs offers the full government package. The government
package can be composed to your own vision. Also it includes all
the futures you can think of, it's our most extensive package we can offer!

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Seminars & Consulting

K-9 Security Dogs provides a wide range of seminars!
We can teach you how to handle you dog, but we can also
teach the dog how to become a working dog!

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Buying & Selling Mediation

We can offer a special service to help you buy or sell a dog in the
best way. With our knowledge and connections we can help you
Buy the best dogs or help you sell your dogs in the best way!

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09 March 2016
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Handler Course

We also offer patrol K9 handler training designed to train a person on how to handle an attack trained police K9. The course is designed to meet the training needs of agencies that have patrol dogs but the handlers have changed. The training is done at your location. Our Promise: We will do everything in our power to insure you and the dogs are highly trained, we want you to be the best dog team in your area. Global dogs and handlers have a reputation of being the best in the world.




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