"Green" Dogs

What are “green” dogs?

Green dogs are bred dogs with a purpose. They are selected dogs, tested on specific subjects like having potential drives and characteristics to become a: Police Dog, Drug Dog, Bomb Dog or Dual Purpose Dog, etc. These green dogs have been extensively tested and display motivation, drives and characteristics necessary in a K9 to be trained for detection work, tracking, bite work and patrol duties.  They require training before being put to work and are only for sale to those who have their own training program. 

What kind of “green” dogs do we offer

We offer Single purpose “green” dogs and dual purpose “green” dogs. In the single purpose category we offer bite work and detection “green” dogs. In the dual purpose category we offer a “green” dog that can do both bite work and detection.

Can I get a “green” dog?

K9 Security Dogs can provide anyone with a “green” dog who has his own training program, or is planning to train the dog elsewhere or even with us. We give seminars so you know how to handle your dog, also this is a great way to build a band with your dog. Based on the wishes of the customer we select a dog with the right characteristics and drives to become the dog you want after the training. They will be tested by us personally. The test not only requires a good potential for the character and drive of the dog, but we also check the bloodlines and check the dog for his medical condition (inheritable diseases, bone structure, etc.).


Interested in a “green” dog?

Are you interested in a “green” dog? Or do you want more information about a “green” dog? We are happy to provide you with more information or with a green dog adjusted to your wishes. You can contact us on our contact page!


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