Family Protection Dog

Family Protection Dog
Our main goal is to provide your family with not only a solid obedience and family protection dog,
but also a protection dog that will be loyal and a fun dog that will become not just a protector, but a member of the family and a best friend to you and your children. A Trained dog that can go anywhere you can, and an obedient dog that you will want to take with you not just for the protection, but for the pure enjoyment of their company.


In our Kennel in the Netherlands we raise for sale quality personal protection dogs.

These personal and home protection dogs are usually Shepherds that have been family raised and trained and are from the best or European bloodlines available to us. Many are third or fourth generation of our own personal bloodlines. Prices will vary depending on age, level of personal protection training, and the pedigree of the individual dog. Contact us for details on our professionally trained personal protection dogs or to request a puppy or dog to be trained to your specifications. Please check out our Family Protection Dogs and Puppies for sale.


From the start

We make sure our family protection dogs start with their training early on by our trainers. By imprinting the right behaviors as soon as possible, a canine learns how to become the perfect companion for humans. 


The important attitudes and behaviors are instilled into our dogs through some of the following daily exercises:


  • Exposing our dogs to multiple environments, to become comfortable in varied conditions, including homes, public spaces, vehicles, etc. 
  • Exposure to different types of toys and distractions to build their confidence from an early age.
  • Building their confidence through dry-building sessions (building their toy drive and prey drive so it’s stronger when they’re older). 
  • Building their food drive.
  • Building retrieval instincts (fetching).
  • Sit-and-stays and down-and-stays for determined periods.
  • Collar and leash response training.
  • Comfortability with bathing, nail trimming, and other types of grooming.
  • Exposure to environmental factors (mountains and rugged terrain, slippery floors, etc.).
  • Early work on bite development (as young as 8 weeks) using tugs.
  • Fed premium food to develop in the most healthy way possible.
  • Exposure to children from an early age to develop family comfortability.
  • Survival games that prepare a dog for life-or-death situations.


As the dog develops, more advanced protection and obedience training is implemented to create the perfect protection dog.  

The end result of our early-imprinting the training is a dog that is more well-trained, obedient and acclimated than any other dog that you could expect to find anywhere.


Training by certificated decoys

Our trainers are certificated and experienced in KNPV and IPO bite work. This discipline involves strict standards of jumping, obedience, bite work and complex protection-related tasks. Trainers must adhere to tight guidelines of reliability, control, and mastering the most challenging situations. 

All of our dogs go through a rigorous process of obedience training to ensure that they have the ability to execute in any environment, and can perform reliably both on and-off-leash.

Our dogs are tested in every possible environment. After the training is completed the dog can integrate in your family and even become more than a protector, a member of the family. This goes easier when you have come to learn to know the dog during his training. This way you can build up a band with the dog and the integrating part will go a lot more natural.

We will take our time to perfect your family protection dog. This can take some time, how many time varies per dog.  But when de training Is complete your dog will be ready to not only protect you and your family, but also be ready to become a part of it.

Further, each dog is fully health-tested; which includes checking for proper bone structure, organ function, and blood-cell counts, and the exclusion of diseases.

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